Monday, November 22, 2010

what time is it?

Well two or three things come to mind:
1- we recently had daylight savings - fall back - so now it's dark outside at almost 4pm!!
2- I am so busy at work, long long days, but seriouly can't believe how fast the hours fly by! poof!!!
3-it's almost Christmastime! WOW it really does fly by
and finally - WHO HAS TIME TO BLOG?? not this gal!!

I am busy with kids, birthday planning, dealing with sick horses, and selling Scentsy - oy!!! Love this crazy life!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

so cute

ok we were in Alberta visiting family, and they have another regular visitor.
Apparently he's a "Baby" and the other visitor is Huge!
This guy is looking for bird feed.
After chowing down  - he napped!! we were waiting for the porch to BBQ.

But after getting out there to see the BBQ - we had another friend!!
Look close! on the top rack! no sunflower seeds in there buddy - he must have been afraid of the porkupine too...

A closer look - EEKS - we surprised him!

Monday, August 23, 2010

caterpiller concoction

My son brought in a caterpiller from the yard and put it in a jar. that's it. it was a giant ugly green strange alien. then.....then....after a good nights sleep... my son brought me this.

A hatchling if you will. He's "sleeping'' now.. and we are still waiting to see what enfolds...only time will tell.

FREEZER CORN!!!!!!!!!!

Don't ask me where my mother-in-law found this - Freezer corn recipe as follows:
Ingredients:   3 Dozen corn
                     1 pound butter
                     1 cup white sugar
                     2 cups Creamo
Cut kernels from the cobs into a very large roaster- add the butter,sugar & Creamo & stir all in

Throw into oven at 350 degrees for 90 minutes with no lid on the roaster- (Stir every 20 minutes- what I do is 10 minutes first time & then 20 minutes for next for 4 turns)  NOTE- if you notice the corn getting dry just throw the lid on the roaster until you are done cooking it

Take out of oven and cool it down just enough that you can handle it-put into freezer bags with whatever amount you want in each bag(I usually put 2 cups in every bag)- it will probably have alot of juice at bottom of roaster so just scoop that up as well ;  and then fire into the freezer when completely cool

The bigger the cobs you use you may have to "doctor"it up a bit with a little more Creamo or butter if too dry if you notice that when you are cooking it-(you can probably tell about 1/2 way through the cooking)

When you need to use it just warm up in the microwave or in the oven as already cooked

Monday, August 2, 2010

Gardners in Horsefly...

A small community in a land far far away, well that's what it felt like.

We were there for the memorial of Nana and Grandad (Grace and Al Gardner) - I personally only knew Nana. what a wonderful woman!! Such a fun beautiful family. We went to the lake - the site of the old mill that the Gardners had built. There is little evidence of the mill now, scraps of metal here and there, an old brick mill anchor (big - like a chimney), hiding in the trees.

It was hot out and the kids played in the lake - such a beautiful lake!! I wish I had my swimsuit, it was a lot of fun for the older kids diving off the warf.  The point behind the kids is where the "new house" was built. That was about 50? years ago. Amazing...

Not much there, but lots of memories for the older generation.  After spreading ashes, we had a huge Gardner meal at Kim's and proceeded to visit and drink the night away. I sure had a lot of fun, Horsefly really is a get-away-from-it-all kindof place. We were swimming in the river there, the same river where we had watched a black bear bathe, and the eagle soar over. What a view from Kims! I also liked the view in the morning when I woke from the farmhouse - sigh..........stunning.